Welcome and R.I.P Hipster Blog Banter.

Hello there blog world! Much like twitter and the latest popular apps I have been persuaded by society to join the blogging world. I am new to this so bare with me, the concept of everyone having an opinion that is shared globally is interesting I must admit, but this just means that my days of hipster related banter between my other blogging friends has come to an end. No more are the days of poking fun at ‘ironic references’ or anyone who posts multiple blogs on snapbacks and beards; as now… I have joined their world and my snobbery must end.

Anyway I should probably explain what this page will be about. Being a 3rd year BA English and Film Student a load of my university projects will be uploaded here ranging from music interviews and reviews, creative writing pieces, film journalism and other general blogyness. There might even be some photography included too.

So please stick around and share / follow this page if you like the sound of that stuff and there shall be much, much more uploaded soon.

Get ready to be mildly amused…



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