Will we ever meet The Hateful Eight ?

News broke a few months ago that Quintin Tarantino set out to make another western following his 2013 hit Django Unchained. Now, being an avid Tarantino fan myself I wondered at the time if he meant this literally, or if he was being more playful with his word choice? For a time I speculated if in 2016 we would all be watching some alien mutants fight 1920’s gangsters simply because it has a “western” narrative…. or possibly some other mental concept spewed from that man’s beautiful mind? My prediction of his witty play on words was however false, as the complete script of Tarantino’s new western, The Hateful Eight (possibly a play on The Magnificent Seven?) got leaked all of the internet thanks to Gawker.com

Understandably like any creator he treats his work like a child, therefore when the news broke about the script leak he pulled it and says he will now never make the film. A notorious hot head has also ranted about how only 6 people saw it before the leak and now he intends to sue Gawker. As much as I am gutted from the possibility that this film might not be made, I completely feel for Tarantino. To work so hard on something before it gets abused by the celebrity culture we live in is sad to see. What is it about leaks? Why can we no longer wait for anything? Music, film and now writing? I mean this film hasn’t even been made yet, that how obsessive “leaking” has become! It’s sad to see that curiosity has manipulated these creative mediums and even sadder to see how it effects the art and overall (ironically) the audience.

I admit after the leak went viral I have attempted to track down the script now it’s out, but to breach the trust of a collaborator is low. As this is now a poetical legal issue most websites have removed links to the script therefore it is now difficult to find. Now we all play the waiting game and we see if Tarantino intends to make the film, possibly re write it or start a whole new project entirely?

Tartantio has fallen to this before in 2011 the script of Django Unchained made its way onto many blogs before the cast was even announced. Luckily for us it remained ambiguous enough for Quintin to feel comfortable to still make the text, let’s hope The Hateful Eight will do the same. One question remains now, will we ever meet The Hateful Eight ? Or will they simply fade away and become a cinematic myth…

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