Eskemo Callboy review – Corporation Mon 10th march


Tonight’s headliners swagger to the stage dressed in what only can be described as a “Primark” attempt at fancy dress. Somebody should really explain that performing in a onesie and some corpse paint doesn’t really count as “on stage theatrics.” Nevertheless, the German metalcore 6 piece get things going with party anthem “We Are The Mess” followed by new track “Horror House.” Both tracks reveal this bands European electronic sound combined with the upbeat lyrics. Now, somebody who may regards themselves as a metal conosur would waft this away with disgust. However its due to their qwerky European charm that the, frankly silly nature, of the show is exactly what makes it work.

This is all shown by the partial nudity from both crowd and band as the night continues, one party anthem following another. Only brief broken English fills the silence between songs before the band wrap things up with latest single “Final Dance.” This screamy yet melodic take on a dance song leaves the crowd spent. As the band exit through the sweaty and exhausted crowd, it’s clear that even if you believe you’re only a fan of acts in the highest rock cannon, this band puts on an impressive show and definitely brought the party!

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