Mallory Knox Review – The Leadmill, Sheffeild

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With album number 2 only being a few weeks old, every song is echoed through The Leadmill tonight. Devoted is an understatement for this crowd, hungry is more like it. This is a youthful audience that needed no winning over. Mallory Know blend a nice mix of old and new in the set tonight. Opening with the new “QOD II” and then revisiting Resuscitate and Oceans from their first EP Pilot.

For a band still in its youth, the years of hard work and touring are noticeable through the crowd participation. Frontman Mikey Chapman has the whole building in the palm of his hand thought out the show. As for the new album, it marks some growth in the band but more importantly it carves out that Mallory Knox “sound” and shows a band confirming its own identity. You can hear the contrast when the new material is matched with the older. These new songs aren’t trying to emulate anyone else; it’s just Mallory Knox being themselves.

One thing is proven tonight, this momentum needs to be used wisely. A band with this sort of steam, plus a catalog already full of live bangers don’t come around that often. I see arenas in the near future for Mallory Knox….

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