Darcy Oake Review – 17th September- Sheffield City Hall


Canadian illusionist and Brittan’s Got Talent finalist Darcy Oake brought his showcase of illusions to the steel city on the first English dates of his UK tour.

Being the first night of the tour, there was bound to be a few teething issues with the natural pacing of the show, resulting in some slightly stunted moments. With his biggest shows to date, Oake’s production tries to accommodate to the City Hall, but it’s a slight struggle at times for the top deck to get a full view of the smaller tricks.

Oake possibly wasn’t ’quite prepared for the randy cougars of south Yorkshire, as saucy banter from the crowd provides a genuine northern welcome. Yet its Oaks natural charm and silly humour that allows the show to flow in between the magic.

Darcy provides a mix of simple, sleight of hand and grandiose illusions. Even the age old “guess your card” tricks are done so well they impress the room. Oake makes a point of explaining that he was going to perform sleight of hand magic and even explains how it works before continuing and executing the tricks perfectly. It’s like explaining the punchline, then telling the joke and it still being hilarious; something that shouldn’t work, yet does.

On the high end illusion side of things we get a classic escaping trick yet there are no clichés here, no re hashed dove tricks tonight. Oak provides three small mice out of nowhere during an invisible coin trick, an illusion that deserved a bigger reaction…. (HE MADE MICE APPEAR!)

A touching moment follows as a trick dedicated to his deceased brother continues his autobiographical tone of the show. Here we see a levitating man as well as Darcy himself dives into the skies. A truly unreal and breath taking moment.

For the finally Oake makes a point of suspense and surprise as the audience are forced to the edge of their seats. It is hear where Oake has the audience in the palm of his hand, the audience unsure what to expect.

Overall even if the initial pacing wasn’t flawless, Darcy Oake brings a pleasant bag of tricks that mixes basic magic and high end illusions.  This caped off with his natural charisma creates an entertaining atmosphere and delivers a professional show to a family audience.

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