Radkey review:

29th October The Leadmill

The Missouri trio return to the steel city after forging their debut album here (see last month’s issue for the interview.) Now embarking on their longest tour ever to promote the album, how do the three brothers all under 21, take on the task of translating their anthemic punk record to the stage of The Leadmill?

Walking through their adoring cult following to take to the stage, the band burst straight into punktastic tunes such as “Out Here In My Head” and “Le Song.” Each tune is ripped through with no hesitation as its paired with Dee Radkey’s jaw dropping, melodic solos, whilst other brothers Isaiah and Solomon maintain as the pounding rhythm section.

Album title track “Dark Black Makeup” turns out to be a new crowd favourite as well as older track such as “Cat & Mouse” and “Red Letter.” This is a showcase of how Radkey are more than just two minuet punk songs, but dark, brooding and sultry songs as well.

I between tunes, special shout out goes to Henderson’s Relish and Kellham Island as the band share their found memories from recording in the Steel City; before wrapping thing up with the crushing, tribal rock beast that is “Romance Dawn.”

Radkey have the perfect recipe. With excited young girls, old Punks and everyone in between making up the audience, a set list overflowing with well written Rock songs (plus a cover of Personal Jesus!) Not only do they translate their anthemic sound through a 3 piece band, but with age and time, Radkey will become straight up Rock bohemoths!

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