Fat White Family Interview:


(My first front cover interview! Thanks to Exposed for the opportunity, make sure to pick up a copy while you can!)

No other band has demanded the world’s attention on quiet like the Fat White Family in recent years. Since crawling out of South London in 2011, they have continued to push boundaries. Front man Lias Saoudi has brought on stage nudity, masturbation and self shit smearing to the table.

Understandably creating quite the reputation, the gang have only ever been associated with anti-establishmentarianism and debauchery. Fat White Family first came onto many people radar through their lefty (and tongue in cheek) activism, when members Saul and Nathan started “Yuppies Out” a Facebook group that protested the opening of an upscale Brixton bistro by handing out White Ace cider and slices of Dairylea. This combined with an iconic image of them waving their homemade “The Bitch Is Dead” banner after Thatcher’s death continued the image that this was a group that embodied Cameron’s Britain, the genuine face of the UK youth staring back at society whilst happily opting out. Drug using, unsanatized and unpredictable – this is what the UK wanted. A necessary reminder of what lurks beneath the Ed Sheeran’s and Sam Smith’s of the world.

Following all of the headlines, hype and coverage, Fat White Family took their debut album of unhinged anthems “Champagne Holocaust” around the world; accompanied with a plethora of frantic live performances. But with album number 2 about to drop and a UK tour about to kick off, where does Fat White Family go from here? I cough up with Lias to find out…


Where in the world are you right now Lias?

(Groggy) Ermm I’ve just woke up … I’m quiet hungover and in … err Krakow… I’m in Krakow.

You received quiet a lot of hype and critical acclaim quiet early on and through the release of your first album, was it a positive or a negative thing?

I bit of both really; it is what it is man you know? It can be encouraging yet distracting at the same time.

The band was kind of born out of a squat in East London right?

No, the band was kind of born our o a squat in East London. I’m not sure why people keep saying that?

So you’re not still based there then?

No, no. We have defiantly moved on from that.

So you have the 2nd album coming out your biggest UK tour on the horizon, how do you feel you are going to translate to these bigger venues?

We have gotten used to playing bigger shows from our last few tours. A lot of festival dates shave helped as well.

How do UK shows differ from other countries?

You get treated better in Europe, but the drives are a lot longer. The accommodation is shit in the UK though, but the shows get better the further up north you go.

Currently calling from Sheffield, that’s good to hear!

Yeah Sheffield’s great, I like Sheffield a lot. We have played up there quite a bit.

In your latest video “Whites Boys on the Beach” you have all shaved your heads. All of your videos are drastically different, what’s you inspiration behind them?

I dunno we just look for new ways to amaze ourselves you know what I mean?

How’s the new album going to differ from “Champagne Holocaust” ?

It has different songs on it….

Any new influences or themes on the album?

We got really into the Bee Gees. We like the Bee Gees and Donna Summer. Lots of that.

You were raised in Ireland correct?

Yeah Ireland and Scotland but my mum is from Yorkshire.

Do you think that had an effect on the music you make now?

Well Norther Ireland is an externally bigoted place so maybe some of the bigotry seeped into the music.

So you have side project The Moonlandingz right?

Yeah we have just finished recording our album, should be out by the summer, maybe autumn?

So how did you start working with Shaun Lennon?

We started working with him after we played a show with his band at SXSW festival in America.

You got Yoko Ono to record with you aswell.

Yeah we got Yoko Ono features on the new Moonlandingz album yeah as does Randy from the Village People. It’s an all-star cast.

How was it working with Yoko?

I didn’t really get to work with her, I met her first, but then she did the track afterwards. We had to do it the modern way.

Is there a primary writer in Fat White Family or is it a collective jam?

Me and Saul tend to write everything, my brother writes some stuff, jack our old drummer worked on some stuff, but generally we work things out in the studio. Roughly speaking I write all the words and Saul writes the music but sometimes I will write some music and he will write some words.

Any new music that excites you at the moment?

I’m excited by a band called “MEATRAFFLE”, if you going to check anybody out, check them out.

What are you goals for the new album “Songs for our Mothers” do you see Fat White Family headlining Wembley in the future?

I don’t really know I don’t really like that goal, once you have done an album you should just forget about it start worrying about making the next one.

How long do you see Fat White Family running for? Do you want to make this a Rolling Stones – length project?

I’ve got no idea, the membership and line-up changes quite a bit really. We have a cool line up now that have produced the album, so I really know man. I don’t think much further than a year in the future. If it lasts a long time, then it lasts a long time.

What are you thought on the Bowie super group that is apparently happening at the Brits featuring Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn, Bono, Coldplay, and Adele?

I think should probably avoid doing it at all. A Bowie super group with who? Chris Martin and Bono? ISIS should probably target the venue…

Would you rather:

Would you rather have to sellotape your own face on every morning or have to eat all of your meals through a letter box?

I’m not sure I could answer that…. (pause) I think I would have to go letterbox to be honest with you.

Would you rather get a tattoo of Margret Thatcher’s face on your hand or only be able to listen to Coldplay for the rest of your life?

Ohh obviously I would go for Thatcher’s face. I could defiantly pull that off. Everyone would just think I was trying to be cool and ironic.

Would you rather eat a bowl of (guitarist) Saul’s hair once or have to lick (other guitarist) Adams sideburns for a whole day every month?

Aw man it would have to be sideburns, I have no problem with that. Yeah I would go for that.

Enjoy the rest of Poland!

You too man…





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