Updates, New Music & Textual Tsunami Coming Your Way…

Alright guys, so it’s been a while since we have caught up. Am sure most people online can appreciate that long, lingering phrase at the end of your to do list… “Update blog!” Well, that time has finally come.

My neglect comes from a space of love, honest. Whist being swamped with reviews, interviews, photography pieces as well as my own band Air Drawn Dagger recording and releasing out new EP “Ours for the Taking…Theirs for the Breaking” (out now link here: http://hyperurl.co/airdrawndaggerEP) meaning the Jibba Jabba has been left a tad dry. 

Well, the drought is over bitches! Strap in for some hardcore spamming as this page is getting updated like you wouldn’t believe. Everything I’ve been up to is about to be uploaded on here! 

In the meantime, check our new single out bellow and let Air Drawn Dagger be the soundtrack to the WordPress shit storm spam-a-thon, that’s about to go down…




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