5 Films That Could Dominate This Summer


Jurassic World 2

Due: 11th June

What is it: The 5th Film of the dinosaur franchise

Why it could dominate this summer: This has Chris Pratt playing a charming and reckless, Guardian of the Galaxy-esq role and the last one grossed $1.6 Billion, proving that this franchise is far from extinct.

The First Purge

Due: 4th July

What is it: A zeitgeisty prequel for the murder films.

Why it could dominate this summer: Although its mostly likely a rehash of the same post-apocalyptic gore porn, the addition of the Trump centric and narrative and the Black Lives Matter movement, just might strike a chord with the mainstream outside of its target audience.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Due: 6 July

What is it: Mila Kunis gets dumped by a Spy. Her and a zany mate get swept up in a secret mission.

Why it could dominate this summer: Blending both action and comedy along with female protagonists looks like it will hit a wide audience this summer. Within a similar vain to Miss Congeniality and Bridesmaids, this appears to be a light-hearted take on a typically dramatic plot.

Slender Man

Due: 24TH August

What is it: Viral sensation meets a Sony budget to scare the teenage market.

Why it could dominate this summer: Originally an online sketch, a successful cult internet game before 2 young girls replicated the narrative and committed a stabbing in 2014. Following on from a successful documentary about that tragedy means that Slender Man has been a dominant name in pop culture for the past almost 10 years. This release could reinvigorate a generation that has followed this story through both real life and fantasy, meaning big bucks for Sony.

Christopher Robin

Due: 3rd August

What is it: A live action take on a classic. Ewan McGregor losses his imagination / has a nervous breakdown so his childhood bear helps him out.

Why it could dominate this summer: Following on from the Beauty & the Beast live action adaptation, Disney are going all in for this quaint, English, summer – fluff fest. A pleasant recipe of nostalgia, star power and cute branding might just be enough to target both families and an older audience.






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