New Venom Footage Leaked


First off, why has this taken so long? Venom has been one of the most popular Spidey characters from the cartoons to the Tobey Maguire cringe fest that was Spiderman 3 (who can forget that scene)


But when you add hunky chameleon and everyone’s favourite unshaven cinematic scallywag Tom Hardy, then this sounds like it’s worth the wait!

Marvel originally tried the long game with promoting the film, drip feeding narrative clips yet holding back on showing much of Hardy’s version of the main character. That was until new footage was leaked and the internet collectively defecated in excitement….

Check the leaked footage here


This Venom looks like it could be a successful reinvention of the character, playing more of the phycological and schizophrenic elements reminiscent of the cartoon incarnation of Symbiote. One thing is for certain, with the new footage being leaked and Marvel being forced to drop the full trailer, a new level of anticipation has just been injected into this film.

Venom is out October 5th.

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