Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes – End of Suffering Review. 

After over a decade in the industry, Frank Carter makes his most important album now.

Whilst they need no introduction, it would be a disservice to the work of Frank Carter not to mention his rich history. From the hardcore heavyweights Gallows to the Alt Pop persuasions of Pure Love, Frank Carter has remained a cult figure in every project has been in; becoming the frontman of the generation. Adapting along the way to release music that’s a soundtrack to live shows like no other.  Yet Carter has never ventured into 3rd album territory. End of Suffering sees Carter brake his 2 album curse and delve into fresh waters…

Opening with the brooding “Why a Butterfly Cant Love a Spider” we are drawn into a world of turmoil. Following 2017’s modern Ruin, Frank has had a busy couple of years. From divorce to touring the world with Foo Fighters. Always an earnest lyricist, no time is wasted painting a picture of anguish. “I might keep you warm/but you can’t see the fire/I might keep you calm but you’re in love with a liar” before we hit the riff-laden “Tyrant Lizard King” featuring Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

“Anxiety” serves a heartfelt plea that things can get better whilst “Love Games“, “Latex Dreams” and “kitty Sucker” take us through lust, romance, and heartbreak. But, these tales of debauchery can’t help but underwhelm when trying to contrast the intensity of songs like “Angel Wings”. Frank croons “I’m sweating like a gorilla on the loose/head in the noose/and this is where I lose it all/don’t catch me when I fall” in a display of vulnerability as the sinister groove and synthesizers creep throughout.

End of Suffering is Carter & Co. moving into yet more new territory and trying to claim their sound. Whilst it may focus on shagging a bit too often, lyrically this album is some of Carters heaviest work in a while.

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